BitBook — Travel Platform Private Sale Raised $607,143

Dear BitBook (BBT) Community & Fellow Travellers,

We are pleased to announce the BitBook BBT private token sale has concluded; the private sale raised $607,143, and the 50,000,000 BBT were sold at a 15% discount as a thank you for supporting us in the early stages of the BBT token launch. The IEO launch date is 01 June 2021, and the full details are below.

BitBook is a platform built for travellers, content creators, and the hotel industry to benefit everyone. Travellers are the biggest winners with more access to travel at lower costs, content creators earn for their contributions, and hotels take advantage of lower commission fees resulting in lower prices for guests, adding to the value of their trip.

The travel industry is facing unprecedented challenges while the world goes through the recovery process following the pandemic. Travel bloggers are part of the world’s gig economy and have been hit hard, as have hotels, and of course, travellers have been grounded. We have all been planning our next dream holiday from the confines of lockdowns. When travel opens back up, BitBook is positioned to provide a complete travel ecosystem on the blockchain that will tie together two key industries, crypto, which has boomed with the rise of DeFi and other disruptive technologies, and the travel industry which has been battered.

BitBook’s primary mission is:

Our mission is to enable more people to experience the world, creating a self-sustainable and autonomous digital economy.

Creator Rewards

Content creators and influencers can join the monthly reward pool and get paid tokens for creating articles, guides, blogs, and vlogs. This will draw users looking to travel to these destinations to the website, which will make it more popular for creators and so on.

Traveler Rewards

Travellers will be rewarded for booking accommodations. This acts as an incentive to use the platform, which results in more bookings and further growth. Driving the token up, which pays the content creators more, encourages more content, and attracts more bookings increasing growth in a viral loop.

Review Rewards

BitBook goes a step further and provides a complete review platform for travellers backed up by the blockchain, eradicating the fake reviews that plague the industry. Travellers can rest assured that the review is from someone who stayed there because reviewers are verified through the blockchain, and hotels can focus efforts on real guests rather than phantom complaints.

In today’s digital economy, content is king. BitBook has built a platform that rewards the best content inherently and provides a complete ecosystem around all things travel-related supported by the crypto industry. BitBook has made the site accessible for those who don’t have crypto by enabling Visa/MC payments converted on the client’s behalf into BBT for a marginal fee. By providing a bridge from fiat to crypto, the customer has a seamless experience utilising the blockchain without having to buy-in directly.

Join BitBook on their travel journey, and reserve your spot on the Whitelist today for departure 01 June 2021.

The BitBook Team

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